It seems that when a significant passing of a character occurs, those who’ve grown up with that character, or their persona‘s, feel a certain connection that later generations might have considering they’ve watched that famous person’s works. It’s hard to argue that people who are born after a famous personage has died don’t feel connected with the personage as say someone who had lived in the same time frame as the famous personage.

Yet the ones who live in the same time frame and the ones who didn’t could have the same kind of exposure, as both might have only experienced their stars through TV, paper or other media; although, the exposure would not be in the same amount or, dispersal, permeation. Videos and other commentaries of famous stars passing could give a semblance of the actual passing and events that revolved before, during and after to a certain extent but most of the extraneous circumstances, nuances, reiterations would not be preserved.

The point I’m trying to make is very vague and I don’t know if I captured it properly; although, what I do know is that I have went through one as Michael Jackson passed away. Always did wonder about it, just didn’t expect it to happen this soon. Makes you wonder about how quickly time passes, and to some extent your mortality. It’s a somberĀ  experience overall. I remember having overheard a classmate in highschool saying Michael Jackson would be next after somebody famous had passed away and sneering at them. That was 13 years ago. That duration seems irrelevant now. It’s used up and over. The sensation of coming to a halt can somehow be felt in the pit of my throat but can’t be quite expressed.

Having only seen videos of people like Bruce Lee or Elvis pass away is not quite the same experience as living through the passing, even though I am a big Lee fan. Makes of you feel surreal, calm, pensive as you experience something that moves and awakens you from the lull that’s instilled from the daily rigmarole and ‘blinders-on’ existence you constantly try to wake from but fail time and again.

We all come and we all have to go, the only thing we can leave behind are our memories and genes. To that life should be lived to the fullest, nothing held back or regretted. Go on live, make yourself look like a fool for going after something in your own silly, clueless way. All you’ll have to lose is nothing, because when you go, nothing really matters anymore.

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