Lights, camera…

January 23, 2010

I’ve often viewed my life and experiences from an angle not quite unlike the ones found in a flashback of a major celebrity’s life story. You know the one, where a particular event in that personage’s life which might’ve inspired that person to become what they are today. It is similar; I often envisage reveries in which I’m privvy to a non-descript entity, performing or deseminating and that precise moment where I am a participant but unaware of the impact that will have on my life. These daydreams, do they foreshadow the likelihood of coming events or are they desires to such. Why do I often see my life or renderings of history through a theatric lens. Maybe there’s credence to that air, after all as Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players;”


Present day Atlantis?

January 16, 2010

Without alluding to knowing much about the history of the world or lost civilizations, I want to play around with this post. The lost City of Atlantis with it’s supposed super advanced race and technology succumbed to being nothing more than a myth passed down to folklore allegedly due to high levels of complacency engendered in its denizens by their dependency on technology and inability to adapt or cope with change. That and a world threatening cataclysm.

Was this most advanced of cultures just unfortunate to have been confronted by an unstoppable and unpredictable forces of nature unawares? Or did being too complacent  and too engorged and dependent on their technologies also to blame?

Fast forward to the immediate present. Our technological superiority is super par with any other periods of human existence on the planet. In terms of molding our surroundings and delving into the minutiae that permeate at the atomic to levels smaller than that, we are at an age of wonder.

The human repository of knowledge, and access to it, is at an incredible stage when contrasted with just half a century ago. Knowledge and technology are at ever increasing spans, yet human enlightenment and openness, comparatively, haven’t even advanced an smidgen since the  Dark Ages. This is all too evident in the current happenings from the last century to the first decade of this one. Racism, wars, national borders, 3rd world nation statuses and purported 1st world nations. Even just briefly discussing one of these, i.e. racism can be easily and simply dismissed to animal like tendency of identification and belonging to the group and nothing more. Spending more time and money to research that is warranted but nonetheless trivial in the development of a sentient species, a footnote in what will be a long history of this era’s human existence.

Technology is the key, however with advancements comes a price. Those who wield it and know how to use it aren’t necessarily responsible enough nor wise as to its implications and effects on themselves and the world they create. That could range from utter lack of sentience to not being able to break out of the mold or being able to think clearly owing to the dredge or rigors enforced on as as we go throughout our daily societal enslavement. We are to society what a worker ant is to its colony, at a very distilled level of course.

Yet we are dependent on most of the technology found today. This dependence and lack of knowing (not knowledge) could be what is referred to as one of the causes of the downfall of the legendary citizens of Atlantis. Even today, the design emphasis is on making gadgets more ‘intuitive,’ rather it is taking away of decision making, problem solving and reasoning of most humans that seems to be the byproduct.

Most people are reliant on technology but they will go no further than wanting to turn something on and expecting it to work. There is a dichotomous relationship of hating technology yet being engrossed by it at the same time. A marriage of discontent if you will. What will happen if all of the tech encroachments we’ve become accustomed to become unstable or unusable for a short period of time. Will we have the necessary perspicacity to revert back to older systems or other emergent systems of our own accord or will it boil down to anarchy, mass dissent and eventually reverting back to order and growth.

It is hard to ascertain, but suffice to say that impulsive, non-ethical, dumb and watered down mentalities permeate modern society. The higher noble, enlightened beings are far and few. So a possible outcome is tribal. It’s not hard to fathom considering modern judicial systems can’t be completely delineated from trials and systems that were present during the crusades and Spanish inquisition. Today’s courts are just offshoots if not some form of descendants of those court systems.

It would be a shame if our present society did succumb to the same mythological fate of Atlantis. A shame if not much information was left behind to indicate the atrocities, insecurities, and shortcomings of the psyche and tolerance of the people of today and more was present to indicate the technological advancements. I would not consider it a shame if a properly and thoroughly scrutinized history was left intact, one that’s assembled by unbiased, non conventional thinkers who are distanced, enamored or otherwise disgusted by the contemporary or it’s predecessors.

Being privy to advancements along does not merit the right to own or use it. It is just a privilege, even a monkey could be taught to use tools. Education is the key, not monetary oriented education or ludicrous religious zealousness based ones. An education that encompasses awareness, respect, awe for existence and reaching higher planes of thinking and being.

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History in the making.

December 9, 2009

Almost all my life I felt honored being privy to the present. An experience bestowed to the best and brightest humanity has to offer. It is only now that I realize that we are just another drop in the ocean. Although we consider ourselves rightful heirs and guardians of sapience, of sentience we are but deluded, an epoch best relegated as unfortunate, misguided and misanthropic. Our fate is all but sealed, may the legacy we build be quickly worn away by time and the future of humanity or sentience look upon it as a folly, a prelude to a better tomorrow, a better consciousness.

The eye of the storm

August 7, 2009

When the storm abates, when the calm claims stake, nothing is as it seems. The easiness with it that it brings, makes the reprieve ever so welcome, just as any state of mind it seems to appear on its own yet as time and experience have shown, this is not so. All are part of the skills and strategies learned, instinctually, voluntarily or both.

Usually the calm occurs right after a tumultous experience or set of experiences. The cast of which may be ever changing, but the roles nonetheless only bear all to familiar faces from the past.

What is the essence of self, why have I been living the way I have, thinking the way I am? I often had instances where it seemed I’d awakened from a metaphoric slumber and wondered where I am or who I am. It never lasts long, like chequered mats revolving to display the next ad or message in a giant billboard as you drive by, the moment is gone and hardly ever seen or thought of again.

Every person is born the same, borne of unawareness and slowly building, fulfilling breadths of existence as if it were meant to be. Whether it is the artist carving the figurine from the block of wood or if the wood molding the artist is a question which seems to loop and prevail, each perspective as valid and sentient as the other.

Why is it that we seem to be blinded to this, and why does it seem more natural and sensible when I am caught in this state of questioning than when we are in the waking world with it’s artificial laws and restrictions and compliances. A being aware of itself in a higher state, all these questions and so little answers, seems so far removed from the daily rigors and robotic routines and thought patterns seemingly instilled in everyone of us as we go through what we’ve come to know and accept as living. From a higher sense that muted, unquestioning, relegatory existence seems as unrewarding, unregarding as a self-subjugated ant fulfilling the cumulative goal of its colony.

Does the ant know what it’s doing or that it might be watched by a higher entity, namely us humans who are so aware of ourselves. Do we realise that our actions and paths might be similar to ants in seemingly similar predisposed paths, conditioned and acclimatized not to wander or question too much?

The Pioneer plaque.
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It seems that when a significant passing of a character occurs, those who’ve grown up with that character, or their persona‘s, feel a certain connection that later generations might have considering they’ve watched that famous person’s works. It’s hard to argue that people who are born after a famous personage has died don’t feel connected with the personage as say someone who had lived in the same time frame as the famous personage.

Yet the ones who live in the same time frame and the ones who didn’t could have the same kind of exposure, as both might have only experienced their stars through TV, paper or other media; although, the exposure would not be in the same amount or, dispersal, permeation. Videos and other commentaries of famous stars passing could give a semblance of the actual passing and events that revolved before, during and after to a certain extent but most of the extraneous circumstances, nuances, reiterations would not be preserved.

The point I’m trying to make is very vague and I don’t know if I captured it properly; although, what I do know is that I have went through one as Michael Jackson passed away. Always did wonder about it, just didn’t expect it to happen this soon. Makes you wonder about how quickly time passes, and to some extent your mortality. It’s a somber  experience overall. I remember having overheard a classmate in highschool saying Michael Jackson would be next after somebody famous had passed away and sneering at them. That was 13 years ago. That duration seems irrelevant now. It’s used up and over. The sensation of coming to a halt can somehow be felt in the pit of my throat but can’t be quite expressed.

Having only seen videos of people like Bruce Lee or Elvis pass away is not quite the same experience as living through the passing, even though I am a big Lee fan. Makes of you feel surreal, calm, pensive as you experience something that moves and awakens you from the lull that’s instilled from the daily rigmarole and ‘blinders-on’ existence you constantly try to wake from but fail time and again.

We all come and we all have to go, the only thing we can leave behind are our memories and genes. To that life should be lived to the fullest, nothing held back or regretted. Go on live, make yourself look like a fool for going after something in your own silly, clueless way. All you’ll have to lose is nothing, because when you go, nothing really matters anymore.

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